Premier Partnering Zone 

Welcome to the RESI Premier Partnering Zone. If you have purchased a Premier Partnering Plus ticket, you can log in here to view detailed investment and deal mandate information to help dial in which investors you need to meet with based on fit.

Haven't bought your Premier Partnering Plus ticket? Contact us now at

How to work the Premier Partnering Zone:

1. Log in with the username and password we provided 

2. Click the 'View Mandates' link, above

3. Search for the investors you are interested in via the string search OR use the filters at the left to narrow down mandates with the right fit for your proposition.

Why Upgrade to Premier

Premier partnering provides deep insight into the investors and strategic partners that regularly attend conferences in search of assets to partner with and invest in. Life Science Nation (LSN) produces a world-class investor and strategic partner database to scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs, and now attendees can get partial access to that data and review the deep profiles that come with this one-of-a-kind database as part of the partnering experience. This creates better alignment for both sides of the meeting table as the sell-side attendees will now have detailed investment and deal mandate information to help dial in who they need to meet with based on fit.

These investment mandates will be imported from the LSN Investor Platform that has more than 10,000 investors listed. This information is gathered by the LSN Research team, based on one-on-one conversations with the investors and updates gathered every 6 months. Premier partnering is available for an additional fee $500, per company.